11 Warning Signs Your Career Has Stalled

23 Jun

By Charles Purdy, Monster Senior Editor

Your career can lose power for many reasons: a lack of opportunities, industry changes and plain old boredom are just a few of them.

Some signs:

1. Your role and responsibilities haven’t changed in a few years or more.
2. You’ve bounced from employer to employer without much change in job title or salary.
3. You can’t remember the last time you learned something new about your industry or field.
4. People hired after you have been promoted faster than you.
5. You’re not invited to important discussions or meetings of the kind you used to attend.
6. You have fewer job duties than you used to.
7. Your performance reviews contain terms like “consistently meets expectations” or “adequate performance.”|
8. No one at work asks for your help — or no one in your professional network asks for advice.
9. You dread going to work in the morning.
10. Your manager and coworkers stop communicating with you — in general, your phone rings less and you get fewer emails.
11. You spend a lot of time complaining about work, or and when you tell stories about work, you are the story’s “victim,” not its hero. Sound familiar? Never fear — there are plenty of ways to get your career back in the fast lane. Here are some ideas:

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