Leaders are born not made?

21 May

By Jean Carlo Betances
Can a person born with qualities of a leader? Any person can perform leadership? What is the difference between a leader and leadership? What can be the results of a good leader and a bad leader? What kind of leadership should be performed in order to be a successful leader?

Leaders are made not born. Since we’re young, we could see the facets of a person with trend of becoming leader. Every person gifts and talents are given; however, not everyone even perceives some of their gifts and talents. A skill differs from gifts and talents since they are developed but also acquired in a period of time. Even if you’re a leader, not everyone is able to perform a leadership. I want to point out just 4 main characteristics of many that I could say of a leader, which are: Integrity, vision, compromising and passion. A leader must have integrity in every area of his life; he won’t be capable of grasping small leaders under his responsibility but also lose it. For example, Manny Ramirez was one of the top 3 best hitters in the all baseball history. He had numerous fans but his career ended with no success and the 18 years he spent working hard to accomplish an average of .312 with a total amount of 555 homeruns became nothing. He was able to frustrate his fans and some of them even stopped watching baseball games since they started watching it after seeing the great performance of the baseball player. Everything occurred for a lack of discipline and no integrity in which he ended consuming steroids not once but twice. All his numbers are erased from Major League Baseball and he won’t ever get in at Coppers town.

Leadership is very likely wanted by most people. Leadership must be considered something serious and we must prepare ourselves completely in order to be a leader and then, be able to lead others. I would say leadership is like coaching 2 or more people with a driven purpose that will allow those people to be a leader one they. Leadership is like to invest you in others as a mentor, advisor, and friendship with an authority. I don’t agree much by being a leader with tolerance and flexibility. We must never become a dictator but we can’t be such a tolerant leader that will allow your team or followers to keep their way of doings things if you know they are on the wrong track. It’s like a father not telling their kids to stop playing with fire or one day, they will get burn.

Leadership provides the leader a certain influence than the higher it is, the higher responsibility will demand. However, there’s no victory without sacrifice. I would recommend others that we must be a leader in our house first, to have a high probability of leading others in a proper way. There’s too much things we could say about a leader and leadership.


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